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Alan Kinsey

Alan Kinsey is Vice President of Inquirehire, a national provider of human resources solutions. Alan is a graduate of Southeast Missouri State University with Bachelor of Science in Marketing, and he has more than 25 years of Fortune 500 executive management experience in computer software, outsourced services and consulting. At Inquirehire, Alan is responsible for the company’s overall growth strategy with a particular focus on technology driven talent management solutions. Alan has spoken on the topic of human resources process optimization to a number of local and state SHRM chapters, several state banking associations, and many other training and education events.

Derek Baker

Derek Baker is Vice President of Growth and Innovation for Mills Marketing. With an emphasis on strategic growth, Derek’s extensive banking and marketing background gives him unique perspective on understanding audience behaviors and how to build marketing strategies to match growth goals. Derek is a regular speaker and frequent attendee at industry conferences and seminars across the United States. 

Gilmara Vila Nova-Mitchell

Gilmara Vila Nova-Mitchell is a Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Consultant and IMT Insurance DEI Director. She is on a mission to put people first in the workplace and help others do the same. Born in Brazil, Gilmara’s interest in DEI began when she immigrated to the United States. Her personal experiences as an immigrant, and a woman of color greatly impacted her perspective on inclusion. As she designed organizational systems that attended to all people, Gilmara learned firsthand that inclusive leadership was an essential component of any organization’s success.

Gilmara holds a Bachelor of Multicultural Education from FUMEC University (Brazil) and a MSE in School Counseling from Drake University. She has doctoral studies in Organizational Development with a focus on trust in the workplace. She is also a proud mama to two incredible and strong daughters.

Jasmine Brett Stringer

Jasmine Brett Stringer is a keynote speaker, award-winning author of Seize Your Life: How to Carpe Diem Every Day, on-air TV personality, and host of the podcast and lifestyle blog Carpe Diem with Jasmine.  In the early 2000s, Jasmine was living her life like so many others — on autopilot, without vision or purpose — until she was given an unexpected gift. A lay off!  As she said goodbye to her “corporate gig” she realized she hadn’t been truly happy or fulfilled in years. So she made a choice not to stay miserable any longer and to do whatever work was required to find happiness wherever she could.

Jenifer Snook

Jenifer Snook, Senior Vice President of Consulting Services, has previous experience working in the banking industry as well as an instructor at a community college. Those two backgrounds led her to become a trainer and consultant for Haberfeld. During her 17 years at Haberfeld, Jenifer has helped banks with their policies and procedures, as well as trained and presented front-line staff, branch managers, executives, presidents, CEOs and boards of directors. Jenifer has worked with and trained hundreds of banks and thousands of bank staff. Jenifer has a Bachelor of Arts degree from Concordia University and a Masters of Public Administration from the University of Nebraska.

Julie Gliha

Julie Gliha is the Vice President of Regulatory Compliance for the IBA in Johnston, Iowa.  Julie began her banking career in 1986 and has worked in all areas of banking including retail, lending, operations and credit administration for small, medium and large institutions.  Julie has a BA in Financial Management from the University of Northern Iowa and a Master’s in Business Administration.  She has worked extensively with bank management, various board members and regulatory agencies including the OCC, the FDIC, and most recently the CFPB. With strong Iowa roots, Julie has traveled the state working for banks in Mason City, the Quad Cities, and Burlington. After working with the IBA Compliance Committee for several years, Julie joined the Compliance Department at the IBA in 2014 to lead the compliance division. Julie has extensive compliance management and training expertise. Her primary responsibilities including oversight of the compliance analysts, developing new tools and training materials, researching and evaluating new regulatory requirements, and maintaining good working relationships with the prudential regulators.

Julia Johnson

Julia Johnson, Director of Organizational Performance Consulting.  Julia has more than 25 years of diversified human resources and organizational development experience.  Working closely with bank boards of directors, presidents, executive management teams, and human resources leaders, she helps clients achieve optimal alignment of organizational strategy with human resources management strategy.  She consults on initiatives including, but not limited to: organizational structure, role alignment, succession planning, talent assessment, performance management, compensation, executive recruitment and selection, executive coaching, and leadership development.  Julia holds a Master of Arts degree in Industrial/Organizational Psychology, is a certified Executive Coach, is a Predictive Index® Analyst, and a member of the Graduate School of Banking faculty at the University of Wisconsin—Madison.

Kai Gillespie

Kai Gillespie has been in Learning & Development at IMT Insurance for over 6 years and in the Talent Development field for over 10 years. Kai is originally from Washington, DC and found herself in Iowa after receiving a prestigious full-tuition scholarship to Grinnell College. Needless to say, the move to the Midwest was a culture shock. Kai later received her Master’s of Science in Leadership Development from Drake University.

These days Kai focuses more on organizational development and culture. She is on a mission to make organizations people-focused. Kai likes to have long discussions on the nature of work, people feeling a sense of belonging, and the state of women in hip-hop. She is always up for a coffee date to discuss these topics and more.

Kelly Field

Kelly Field is a seasoned non-profit and marketing leader with a passion for corporate social responsibility. While at IMT Insurance, she has built a corporate relations program focused on meaningful community giving and impactful brand awareness. Prior to IMT, Kelly worked for non-profit organizations and in the marketing and advertising industry.

As a third-generation graduate of the University of Missouri School of Journalism, Kelly has an affinity for the Oxford comma and the smell of freshly printed magazines. Outside of work, she can be found with her nose in a book, baking delicious treats, or planning her next travel adventure. Kelly has the gift of gab and loves to connect with new people.

Lindy Tentinger

Lindy Tentinger has been involved in financial marketing for 15 years with expertise in leadership, marketing strategy, communication, business strategy, corporate communication, employee engagement, digital and technology. Impacting business results for her customers is what drives her. She is most passionate about taking care of employees and customers to drive business success!

Randy Dean

Randy Dean, the “E-mail Sanity Expert” TM, is a professional speaker and expert on time & e-mail management, effective organization, and the related use of technology. For more than 20 years, Randy has been leading training and speaking programs for major corporate, university, association, and government audiences. Obsessed with time management and personal productivity, he left a successful career as a graduate program admissions director, professional marketer, and manager to become a leading speaker and trainer. The author of the recent Amazon bestseller, Taming the E-mail Beast, he has led programs for thousands of satisfied and inspired students, managers, and professionals on being more productive with their time and life.  His highly informative and entertaining speaking and training programs leave audience members with immediately-usable tools, strategies, and skills on how to better manage their time, technology, and information overload following their program experience.